What is your quality philosophy?

Sometime back, on the software testing group on linkedin, there was a discussion/question:
What is your Quality philosophy?

Here is my response:

  • Quality = customers want to use our products + low support issues.
  • While customer feedback is critical, we independently take efforts to judge the probability that the product/project has important undiscovered problems.
  • Individuals have character. They take responsibility for the quality of their work. They
    use feedback and introspection to continuously improve.
  • Skills in development, testing, documentation (engineering) are critical and paramount.
  • We develop in small increments
  • We actively engage with customers throughout the development cycle and allocate budget to this activity to ensure success.
  • Managers (first line) have a technical background and can be hands-on if necessary. Managers have character. They use personal observation as the basis for managing teams.
  • We have the best technical support team in the world. We have a system for using support information to provide feedback to the engineering teams.
  • When measuring project or people performance, numbers are not a substitute for judgement and observation. Numbers may indicate a need for further investigation.


Here is how I would summarize what I said in the previous paragraphs:
Quality philosophy – keep striving for improvement in knowledge and skills.  All actions must demonstrate character.


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