CAST 2012 Buzz

CAST is being held in San Jose on July 16th.  The theme of the conference is “The thinking tester”.  CAST is organized by the Association of software testing which is “dedicated to advancing…testing according to context driven principles“.  (You’ll click on those links if you know what’s good for you).  Here is a very concise summary of the sessions at CAST 2012.

Automation heuristics Adam
Much more than acceptance criteria Anand
Continuous deployment Andrew
Motivate testers to think/Make horses drin Anna
Agile/waterfall not either/or Bart
Ineffective testers Ben
Thinking visually Bill
Session feedback Carsten
Scientific method Christin
Personae Curtis
Set context-impact thinking Geordie
Thinking Offshore teams Gerie
Collaborative test Griffin
Bank move to exploratory Huib
Medical approach Iain
Mobile thought processes Jean
Like-hate standards Jon
Brainstorming Karen
Exploratory performance Mark
Systems thinking, team building, communication TA Markus  
Hands on testing Nancy
Interview testers Paul
Data->quality story Peter
Ethics Scott
Developers exploratory Sigge
Expectation management/Test coaching Wade
Service stakeholders Lynn
Kaner on metrics Nawwar
Describing Henrik
Counter-intuitive truths, systems, change Tripp  
Role of testers Elisabeth

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