Let’s Test 2012 Buzz

The Let’s Test conference in 2012 got great reviews from the test community.  The conference was blatantly context-driven.  The presentation slides and blog posts on the conference can be seen here: Presentation slides and blog posts. Here is a concise summary of the sessions (the speaker names should help you find the presentations):

Hypnosis mapped to testing Alan
Scripting -> exploratory Alexandru
Systems perspective to black swan IT incidents Anders
Coaching Anne-Marie
Ineffective testers Ben
Context driven defect management Carsten
Artificial intelligence Chris
Scientific method Christin
Zen Approach Dawn
SIT strategies Fiona
Mental models Henrik
Learning Huib
Mixup (Bugbash..ish++) Johan
Dialogue Leo
Financial Services Louise
Charters Markus
xBTM (Sessions) Michael
Congruence,  systems thinking, emergence Neil
Exploratory as a service Oliver
Binary disease Rikard
Developers exploratory Sigge
Rolling Stones Lessons Simon
Effect map/requirements Torbjorn
Fine arts -> testing Zeger


Delivery room ~ testing Rob & Anne
Opensourcing Julian
Context Performance Scott
Leadership Fiona
Software Diagnosis James
Exploratory test design Rikard

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