Agile Testing Days 2012 Buzz

Agile Testing Days 2012 is being held in Berlin on November 19th.  Here is my concise summary.  I have included links when available.  Some of my summaries are so concise that you’ll have to stare at the words for a few minutes.  If you get tired of staring, click on the links.

Management Successful automation Transition to agile
Ambler on agile Legacy code? Performance
“Mindful Team Member: Working Like You Knew You Should” Mindmaps Spec by example
Really hands-on no ppt Ambler on agile “5A – assess and adapt agile activities”
Data->quality story Endusers Distributed teams
Understanding agile Distributed teams Line Managers
Exploratory What is A testing Agile->Culture
World of Warcraft Communication Developers exploratory
“Self Coaching” “How to change the world” Factory requirements
Shorter releases Good news CI experience
New techniques Continuous Delivery Test developer
Markus on 21st century tester Advanced CI “Testers Agile Pocketbook”
Continous testing Sapient “Reinventing software quality”
“Fast Feedback Teams” User stories RIA BDD
Test Oracle Slack=creativity Requirements+testing
Javascript TDD BDD Open source tools
Test data Change “Technical Debt”
Bank context driven “The ongoing evolution of testing in agile development” Rigid environment
Right thing right Mobile automation CI
Winning the game

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