Enterprise mobile trends – IBM Pulse 2013

Tivoli is one of IBM’s Software Group brands.  IBM’s “Software group” is the business which creates software products.  Tivoli has an annual conference called PULSE.  IBM’s conferences are a great way to get insight into the industry and current trends.  Here is my first attempt at making sense of the conference.

This is not written to promote IBM.  I wrote this more for software 
testers/developers.  If you work with enterprise software this might 
give you some ideas for your future career. I am writing this at a 
very high level.  This is not a discussion of IBM's strategy. You can 
always refer to the main conference site for more information.

Pulse will be held in Las Vegas from March 3-6.  The tag line for PULSE/Tivoli is “Optimizing the world’s infrastructure”.

Tivoli‘s official tag line is: “Manage your business infrastructure in real time.”
and vision:
IBM Tivoli Software helps clients optimize the value of their business infrastructures and technology assets enabling greater visibility, control and automation across their end-to-end business operations.
A simple way to understand this is that Tivoli helps manage, improve (optimize!) your computer/hardware/software (you are working in an enterprise).  However, now you can extend that concept to include managing machines like POS terminals, ATMs, ….everything….any computer related infrastructure.

Pulse 2013 has 4 streams:

  1. Cloud and IT Optimization
  2. Smarter Physical Infrastructure
  3. The Mobile Enterprise
  4. Security Intelligence

In this post I will be focusing on the mobile stream.  The mobile stream has 55 sessions.  There are 3 tracks:

  • Becoming a mobile enterprise
  • Managing and Securing the mobile enterprise
  • Best practices and case studies in endpoint management

In the first track, “Becoming…mobile”, the focus is on better understanding mobile, the issues, what it takes to become mobile, tools, and information on various IBM products.  These are some of the issues:

  • Mobile Security
  • Agile and Devops
  • Mobile and Cloud trends
  • User-Centered Design
  • Managing multi-channel web experiences
  • Mobile application testing
  • IBM’s Collaboration strategy for mobile

The managing and securing track is about managing devices in a large/diverse enterprise and ensuring security.

  • Managing BYOD
  • Network management
  • Social businesses are using mobile and cloud to enable collaboration and context.  Existing business can also use these strategies to make better use of their resources. (read the session info – MME-2106)
  • Using IBM Security Access Manager and IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager to address the BYOD Challenge
  • Partner product to manage and secure two OS’s side-by-side on a mobile device

Some of the main issues addressed in the best practices and case studies track include:

  • Large windows 7 migration
  • Acquisition management with endpoint management
  • Endpoint Manager integration with “pervasive smart home appliances”.  Also “medical instruments, security devices, energy information systems, and smart equipment.
  • License optimization and compliance
  • Toshiba/IBM partnership to manage Toshiba devices

This is a good point to stop if you are overwhelmed or bored !!  In the rest of this post, I list some of IBM’s products and services which are mentioned in Pulse2013’s mobile stream.

The following list includes most of the IBM products/services mentioned in the mobile stream in Pulse 2013.  If you aren’t really into this market, I would recommend at least looking at IBM Endpoint Manager – just a nice product/technology and IBM Worklight which can be downloaded for free.

IBM Cast Iron
WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration enables companies to rapidly connect their hybrid world of public clouds, private clouds, and on-premise applications.
Nilanjan says: Cast Iron allows you to quickly connect to various enterprise applications such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.
IBM Endpoint Manager
IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile
IBM® Endpoint Manager can help you achieve smarter, faster endpoint management and security.
Nilanjan says: Endpoint Manager is a neat product which manages everything on endpoints (including mobile) in enterprises.
IBM Worklight
IBM Worklight Developer Edition. Download nowIBM Worklight provides an open, comprehensive and advanced mobile application platform for smartphones and tablets, helping organizations of all sizes to efficiently develop, connect, run and manage HTML5, hybrid and native applications.  Note: IBM Worklight can be download free.
IBM Mobile Foundation
– an integrated package of Worklight, CastIron and Endpoint Manager
IBM Interactive
IBM Interactive is a leading interactive agency with a unique ability to imagine, discover, and deliver compelling user experiences.
Redbend Software’s TRUE solution
“The answer is Red Bend’s TRUE™ Solution for BYOD – an end-to-end solution for mobile device manufacturers and service providers to create and manage virtualized mobile devices that are “TRUsted by the Enterprise” for employee use.”
IBM Web Experience
IBM web experience software provides access to critical information and applications that is personalized to users’ needs – available anytime, on any device – to deliver an exceptional experience.
platform for versatile authentication, federated identity management and single sign-on across Cloud and Corporate resources
IBM Virtual Desktop
allows access to a personal PC desktop from anywhere, using any device, using the Virtual Enterprise Remote Desktop Environment (VERDE) from Virtual Bridges

Application Development and Deployment taxonomy

IDC publishes a software taxonomy every year.  It shows a great overview of the various types of software, focused on the enterprise.  The link shows the table of contents.  There is a lot information and I thought it might be easier to visualize in a mindmap.  This is the mindmap of application development and deployment software (more to follow).  Please do not copy or distribute this image.

Some of the terminology might be  intimidating.  However, to be fair to IDC you will need to purchase their report or search for more information.

Application development and deployment taxonomy

Application Development and Deployment taxonomy